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Show Hosts & Archives

christina 2017

Why Shamanism Now?
a practical path to authenticity

With host: Christina Pratt

Shaman, author, and teacher, Christina is a skilled healer who weaves her authentic shamanic experience, extensive training, and experience with shamans from Ecuador, Nepal, Tibet, and Africa into her contemporary practice. She has been in practice for 20 years, specializing in soul retrieval healings, soul part integration, and healing our ancestral lines. >>>more

Live - Tuesday 1 - 2 pm Central

Dr. Jennifer Howard

A Conscious Life

With host: Dr. Jennifer Howard

In a world that’s moving at lightning speed, we race from commitment to commitment just trying to keep up. Our hectic lives often leave us physically and emotionally exhausted, with little time or energy for introspection and conscious living.

To live a conscious life means staying awake and aware, in every moment, to what you’re thinking and feeling; to the meeting point of body, mind, and spirit; to the impact your life has on others and the environment; ... >>>more

Wednesday 3 - 4 pm Central



Awakenings ~ A Course in Miracles

With host: Larry Seyer

A Course in Miracles is a self-study curriculum (spiritual in nature) that sets forth an absolute non-dualistic metaphysics yet integrates forgiveness emphasizing its practical application in daily living. >>>more

Tuesday 9 - 9:30 am Central


Adam Curry

John C. Dvorak

No Agenda

hosts: Adam Curry andd John C. Dvorak

No Agenda debuted in October 2007. Its premise was that the co-founder (Curry) and then vice-president (Dvorak) of mevio (until Oct. 2012) would have an unfiltered dialogue. The impetus for starting the show, according to Curry, was a 4-minute phone call made to Dvorak saying that they "should do a show together." Little thought was given to what the show would be about, in fact only the name was agreed upon before the first show was recorded.

The original tagline of No Agenda was that it would be the show with "no sponsors, jingles, and of course no agenda." The show's only sound effect came during the closing minute, where the jazz song On the Seventh Day by the Marriott Jazz Quintet played as the hosts signed off. Topics included the news of the day, restaurant reviews, and family.

The show gradually moved in the direction of news and political commentary. Jingles have been introduced, and have evolved into catch phrases. The show discusses current news and conspiracy theories, with the hosts discussing topics in response to their belief that the mainstream media glosses over what they see as the real facts. Celebrity gossip and other soft news stories are brought up for ironic effect, with the one that has garnered the most attention often being named "Distraction of the week"... >>>more

Thursday 8 PM - 11 PM Central


Leaders of Light

With hosts: Mary Schechter and Maryann Roefaro

Mary and Maryann are spiritual executives in a corporate world. Dedicated to transforming the workplace one leader at a time through “Self Mastery” and an “Integrated” approach to leadership using intuition development and self awareness coaching, both Mary and Maryann have combined their talents to create a breakthrough approach that is working. Recognizing that NO change can be made or sustained until an individual shifts their perspective from the inside-out, their mission is introducing cutting edge practices that both inspire and demonstrate “love-based decisions” in the workplace.
... >>>more

Wednesday 1 - 1:30 pm Central



Talk Radio for Your Mind, Body and Soul

With host: Marie Benard

Marie interviews a wide variety of guests covering topics that are related to spirituality and wellness. Some topics include health, wellness, spirituality, meditation, yoga, homeopathy, naturopaths, mind, metaphysics, ... >>>more

Monday 2 pm - 3 pm Central



The Way of the Desert

with host: Don Miguel Ruiz Jr.

As a child, Don Miguel Ruiz, Jr., listened to the stories of his father, who passed on the ancient beliefs of his family through tales his young son could understand. As Miguel Jr. grew older he learned to listen to more than just the words of the story, but to search beyond the superstition to find truth and meaning. >>>more

Live - Tuesday 12 - 12:30 pm Central




With host: HeatherAsh Amara

I want you to be free. And fiery.

Free of shame. Free of fear. Free of limitations. Free to choose. Free to be the brightest, most audacious, brilliant, creative, present, connected, spacious YOU you can be.

So join me in a journey. Every Tuesday, for a half hour, tune in live to be inspired to celebrate your freedom... The freedom to make mistakes without punishing yourself endlessly. The freedom to laugh when you take something personally. The freedom to embody the patience you need to rewire your thinking. The freedom to do your best, without judgment. The freedom to find stillness in the chaos. The freedom to love yourself fully. The freedom to soar. The freedom to let your inner fire burn so brightly you are a super nova of love.

This is my heart fire to yours. Tuesdays from 12:30 to 1 pm central on Co-Creator Radio Network. Free.

Keep your fire blazing by signing up now for my Daily Sparks, a tiny inspirational email that comes into your inbox each day. www.heatherashamara.com


Previous Shows Archives
Joe Marshalla

A Cup of Joe

with host: Dr. Joe Marshalla

A Cup of Joe is a stream of consciousness talk-radio show. It covers topics on everything under the sun. From quantum physics to vegetarian recipes, modern spirituality to alternative energies, parenting to heavy metal detoxification, you name it, we'll probably talk about it ... >>>more



Mary Adams

Ask Mary Adams

With host: Mary Adams

"Ask Mary Adams" Radio Show and Video Show, is a fun twist on the “Dear Abby” platform, sharing viewers and listeners questions with expert advice from global teachers, authors, coaches and community leaders. As a Global Empowerment Catalyst, Mary has touched the pulse on the global movement of consciousness and awakening with over 128,000 followers over the last 8 years. Join her on this journey of exploration!. >>>more

Wednesdays and Saturdays 8 pm Central



"Ask Sue"
Practical Solutions for Everyday Challenges!

With host: Susan Fox

Susan Fox (familiarly called Sue), has a diverse 25 year career background. She combines an education in Psychology, Education and Business with a more recent focus on Spiritual Support and Leadership as it pertains to both the individual, his/her life’s work as well as to personal relationships... >>>more


Nick Symington

Astrologically Speaking

With host: Nick Symington

Astrologically Speaking is a call-in show about all things astrological. We may touch on any aspect of life from the personal to the mundane and beyond – the sky is the limit. Although topics for discussion can be wide ranging, the format encourages you, the listener, to call in with your birth data – a birth date is sufficient – and Nick will provide an astrological perspective ... >>>more



Mellisa Wells

Awakening to a New Paradigm

with host: Melissa Wells

Awakening to a New Paradigm is a show designed to help support each other as we each awaken to a New Paradigm. We are each here to be the fullest expression of the Universe! Now is truly a time of great joy and great Awakenings! Please join us each week....>>>more


Scott Adams

Celebrating Today's Family

With host: Scott Adams            

Through Celebrating Today’s Family, Scott’s intent is to shift the focus to what’s perfect, beautiful and right within a family unit, especially when presented with a unique or challenging situation. By celebrating the joyful perfection of each family member, ... >>>more


Mary Adams


with hosts: Mary Adams & Julie Ann Turner

We are in the midst of a Global Shift ...

We are crossing the threshold of a fundamental shift in our WorldView, which carries the potential to positively transform our lives beyond any shift we as humans have ever before experienced.




Consulting The Masters

With host: Tiffany Masters

Tiffany Masters was born a gifted, sensitive child and has continued to be that way all her life. She has always had the heighten sensibilities of sight, hearing, feeling and knowing. As a life-long intuitive whose unique gifts include an amazing ability to read a client's energetic fields, wounds, and lessons, she helps to bring her clients back into harmony and alignment.>>>more



  Create Your Life by Design

Create Your Life by Design

with host: Dr. Robert Pease

We now live in a world where we are collectivity becoming aware that consciousness is reality, and realizing the potential we each possess to create in our sacred place. No longer content with the dream state of which we called our lives, many are awakening to a new sense of awareness ...>>>more


The Reading Room   

A new live call-in internet show where you can speak directly to Dr. Robert and receive a Psychic Reading enlightened with numbers! Both signs and symbols will be discussed as well. Dr. Robert will also educate the audience on how they can use numbers to have a deeper understanding ... >>>more

       The Reading Room

Sheila Applegate

Enchanted One                

With host: Sheila Applegate

  • Meditation
  • Discussion
  • Channeled Messages

. >>>more



Leigh Kubin

        Feng Shui by Leigh

Feng Shui by Leigh

with host: Leigh Kubin

Leigh's approach to Feng Shui is simple, practical and very powerful. She believes that we create with our environment and that what we see everyday ...>>>more


Exploring Possibilities

Join Leigh and her guests as they explore the possibilities of different perspectives on creating your reality on purpose.

      Exploring Possibilities

Emily Horak

Hello!Self Happy Hour

with host: Emily Horak

Discover, design and live your very best life! Emily Horak, a real girl livin’ the good life from the inside out, and life coach for positive living, infuses laughter, spirit and fabulous-life-living savvy in this weekly show for positive, inspired living...>>>more



Cathy Ingham

It's Easy Being Green

With host: Cathy Ingham

Cathy Ingham is a landscape architect, massage therapist, certified permaculture practitioner, entrepreneur, and a voice for the new earth. During her career as a landscape architect, she has worked on projects ranging from large planned development communities to tiny courtyard gardens, including working for 2 cities in the Dallas area. In 1995,...>>>more


Paul Goldman

Journey Into Oneness

With host: Paul Goldman

Join Ecstatic Poet Paul Goldman for an hour of deep exploration into how we each seek to know beyond all doubt a reckoning of our own connection, both one to another and to the One who imbues in us such immense love, simply that we may know pure ecstatic Wild Joy! right now, in this moment. ... >>>more



Pamela Dunn

Journey To Your Magnificence

With host: Pamela Dunn

“Journey To Your Magnificence” is a conversation about the ways in which we keep ourselves from living within our full potential – and more importantly, an actual how-to dialog for maximizing our ability to live within our magnificence. ... >>>more


Karma Soma

With hosts: Anne Adametz and Jessica L. Puckett

What is Karma Soma?

Our Duty:
We believe in karma:
that every
thought, word and action
becomes our mental, physical and spiritual reality.

We offer the tools to shape and refine your reality, and ultimately, to help you to soften your karma.

We have faith in each person's ability to direct every thought, word and action toward the greatest good; we have the tried-and-true ancient practices to keep you focused. >>>more



Mary Adams

Let the Day Begin

With host: Mary Adams

  • Empowering Guests
  • Tools & Techniques
  • Co-Creator Events

    ... >>>more


Limitless Living Radio

With host: Judith Albright

Over the course of my life I have experienced various dry spells and have found it necessary to re-invent myself several times. When I was younger I naively thought that life progressed in a straightforward linearly fashion. I once believed that, just like wine, relationships only got better with age; each job would be better and pay more money than the last; I had all the time in the world, and my life was orderly and under control. But “life” had different ideas....>>>more


Xina Sy

Live BIG!

With host: Xina Sy

Live BIG! is a fresh & lively perspective featuring & profiling authors, speakers & teachers, entertainers, activist & self-help experts sharing their personal life-experiences, life-lessons, & learned wisdom on overcoming obstacles & living life to the fullest. Live BIG! is a weekly, conversational-style, lunch hour, laid-back format, on topics varying from finding your life's purpose & living your BIG dream ... >>>more


Magnificent Journey

With host: Chantel Upson

Live Readings

Chantel has been offering Spiritual Readings and connecting to Spirit for 14 years. Through her spiritual journey of remaining connected in Oneness, Chantel uses an incredible sense of humor (pure joy) to help you to manifest your highest potential in your journey here on earth. Chantel lives in the Oneness of All That Is and helps her clients discover and master their own spiritual gifts...>>>more


Christine Spaziano

Matters of Light

With host: Christine Spaziano

Founder of the Quan Yin Center of Light, mission is to empower all those who are ready to explore and go deeper on their spiritual path. Through various services and healing modalities Christine can assist you to better understanding of who you are and where you are going.... >>>more



Maxine Taylor

Move into the Magic

With host: Maxine Taylor

Maxine Taylor is a pioneer in the field of astrology. She began her astrological studies in 1966. In 1968, she became Georgia’s first licensed astrologer. In 1969, she had a bill introduced into the Georgia General Assembly to legalize astrology in Atlanta. In 1970, the bill passed, and was signed into law by the governor. Maxine spearheaded the establishment of the Atlanta Board of Astrology Examiners. In 1977, she opened the first astrology office in Atlanta. In 1979, she learned how to identify hidden parental messages in the natal chart. >>>more




Camille Conte

New Thought Talk Radio

With host: Camille Conte

New Thought Talk Radio is a refreshing combination of conversations, interviews and music hosted by award winning radio broadcaster, Camille Conte. We need a new conversation. It’s time for us to seek and discover new thoughts about the complex issues that affect our lives. Thoughts are things and if we don’t like how things are going then best we look at what we’re thinking. >>>more


Sarah Applegate

Andy Belle

Our Voice Now ~
Humanity's Team

With host: Sarah Applegate and Andy Belle

As the hosts of Our Voice Now we share views on various topics that interest todays generation. Opening to diverse life experiences and views, we invite other young people from around our world to share their stories and opinions.We cover a wide variety of topics which address important issues that affect each of us. While this radio show is intended to bring teens together to strengthen our voice many adult listeners find the show just as enlightening givings them a positive new perspective and understanding of the now generation. We aim to empower everyone and help people grow and learn. Representing Humanity’s Team youth we do this while promoting ideas of oneness and unity. Giving OUR generation a VOICE NOW will unite us in our effort to transform the future of our world.. >>>more

Tuesday's 8:30 to 9 pm Central

Len Ellis

Peace Begins with ME!
with host: Len Ellis

Len (Leonard) Ellis has been a member of the Dallas Peace Center for nine years and a board member since 2003. He has served as Secretary, Vice-president, co-chair of the Peacemaker Awards Dinner for three years, and is currently President.   He writes a monthly column in the Dallas Peace Times titled "Peace Begins With Me." >>>more

Every 2nd Friday of the month, 2 - 2:30 pm Central

DuAnne Redus

BZ Riger../hosts/readingwaters/host_bio.htm

Reading the Waters of Change

with hosts: DuAnne Redus & BZ Riger

Reading the Waters of Change
"navigating Life & Work through Spirit"

Change is a constant- Yet it seems to be a cultural condition to be afraid of or resistant to change. We think that Change is something that "Happens" to us... We forget that we can choose and then be the change that we want.

Reading the Waters of Change is a weekly radio show that focuses on a different idea each week; that affects our lives, >>>more


Joe Marshalla

The Conversation

with host: Dr. Joe Marshalla

The Conversation is a stream of consciousness talk-radio show. It covers topics on everything under the sun.

Come join us for a two hour discussion and presentation on all things pertaining to the holistic approach to body, mind and spirit integration and balance. >>>more

Recorded Live
at Casa De Luz in Austin, Texas




The Dr. Robert Show

with host: Dr. Robert Pease

Dr. Robert Pease, Ph.D. is a universal spiritual teacher sharing wisdom in his workshops The Imagined Self and books Spiritual Bootcamp: This Is Your Wake Up Call and Imagine: The Desire Fulfilled. As a transpersonal intuitive counselor he shares the power of Love and Humor as the awakening. His philosophy is the richness of all possibilities so everyone can live life to the fullest..>>>more



William Horden

The Inner Compass

With host: William Horden

William Douglas Horden has researched indigenous divinatory systems of ancient China and Mexico with passion and independence since 1969. He is steeped in the shamanic world view from living in the Copper Canyon of Mexico with the Tarahumara Indians and in numerous other ... >>>more



Sheila Applegate

Meagan O'Nan

TRIUNE Spirituality ~ The New Reality

with hosts: Sheila Applegate & Meagan O'Nan

Making Spirituality our new reality
through Vision, Healing, and Integration

TRIUNE introduces spirituality as the new reality. We must be willing to look at every component of our spiritual selves and find a way to incorporate our dreams, passions, and desires into our “reality.” Through vision, we gain clarity that directs us toward our purpose on this earth. Through healing, we experience a deeper acceptance of who we are and the path we are walking. And through integration, we bring all of these components together in practical, everyday steps, making heaven on earth a reality.

Sheila and Meagan have been brought together by Spirit as TRIUNE to bring forward to the world this new idea of embodying vision, healing, and integration. They do this not only with their dynamic message but by their personification of these three concepts as visionary, healer, and integration coach. TRIUNE represents the spirituality of NOW. By living compassionately from their authentic selves, Sheila, Ken, and Meagan offer humanity tools to make this happen. >>>more



Ken Ludwig

What We're Thinking About

with host: Ken Ludwig

Join Ken for the most inspiring interviews and commentary on internet radio. This Metaphysical practitioner, coach, trainer and teacher brings you great guests from the world of New Thought - Ancient Wisdom, self actualization, business and some of the most recognized names in the success ...





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