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A Revolution in Thought?

Just what IS consciousness? Is it a random by-product of nature, through chance mutations of genetic code in a mechanistic world, as modern Science has claimed? Or, as Religions have long taught, did an intelligence, a non-physical Consciousness, create the material Universe and breathe life or spirit/consciousness into humankind? Are we separate individual consciousnesses, or are we all connected, as individuations, or different aspects or perspectives, of One single consciousness? As self-aware beings, how much control do we have over our lives? Are we limited in only reacting to the world around us, or do we actually possess the ability, through our thoughts and intentions, to deliberately attract people, things and circumstances, into our lives, in other words, co-create our own reality?

These are HUGE questions, and in a strange twist, it appears that Science, through the new field of Quantum Physics, is now proving in laboratories around the world, that consciousness, does in fact play a central role in what we call "Reality."

We, at Co-creator Network, believe that humanity is in the early stages of a MAJOR paradigm shift in thinking, with much larger consequences to society than the realization, and the eventual acceptance, centuries ago, that the earth is round or that it is not the center of the universe, and that's why we're talking about it.

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