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Our Mission Statement

Connecting like-minded individuals and organizations around the world through an Internet based, interactive talk-radio network and website. We are devoted to encouraging and facilitating experiences of positive well-being, health and vitality so as to intentionally co-create the changes we wish to see on our planet. A vast globally conscious community working for the good of all life on this planet

  • Co-creator Network will produce and air shows in one half hour or one hour increments on behalf of the host for the period specified above and will be rebroadcast at approximately twelve hours after original broadcast. If host cannot do live show for any reason, host will provide reasonable notice to rebroadcast a previous show. If show does not air due to technical difficulties the fault of Co-creator Network, host will be granted an additional show free of charge.
  • Host retains rights to use their show recordings as desired including making multiple copies for sales or giveaway, other broadcasts, marketing, and promotional tools without additional fees to Co-Creator Network.
  • Co-Creator Network retains the right to broadcast shows produced under this agreement on our network free of any royalty fees to the host.
  • Host controls all weekly topics/content and guests on show, provided they conform within the Mission Statement of Co-Creator Network.
  • Host will make reasonable efforts to promote host’s own show in host newsletter and/or website. Host have available the 64k MP3 download of each show at no charge..
  • Host is responsible to plan show, schedule guests, and provide show description outlines.
    Prerecorded show files must be received 7 days prior to airtime and can be sent via sendspace.com to ken@co-creatornetwork.com

If you are interested in having a show on the network, please contact us here

I want a show!

$65 per hour x 13 Shows for $845 billed in 3 equal installments of $282

$35 per hour x 13 Shows for $455 billed in 3 equal installments of $152

$40 per 1/2 hour x 13 Shows for $520 billed in 3 equal installments of $174

$25 per 1/2 hour x 13 Shows for $325 billed in 3 equal installments of $109

Prerecorded shows or podcasts are pre-produced shows supplied by the host that will be scheduled, promoted and streamed on the network. Half hour shows should be no longer than 29 minutes and hour long shows 58 minutes to allow for network ID's and other show promotions


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