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Our Voice Now ~ Humanity's Team
Wednesdays at 7pm Central

With Hosts Sarah Applegate and Andy Belle

Our Voice Now radio is the next generation of Humanity's Team ~ Awakening the world to Oneness
Each week Sarah and Andy discuss diverse topics such as meditation, communicating with animals, Angels and Spirit Guides, the Law of Attraction, school, peers, politics, ghosts, vampires, tarot, and so much more.

Every few weeks they will be joined by a guest from various religions and cultures including Wicca, Islam, Native American Long House, Buddhism, Hinduism, Judaism, Catholicism, Protestantism, As we learn more about cultures and religions we understand in their purest forms. All religions teach the same basic spiritual truths. It’s only the different ways of expressing them that divides us. Each system of belief has different pieces of the puzzle. Ultimately, to heal our communities and our world, we will have to fit these different pieces together and realize the essential truths that connect us all as one.

Sarah and Andy are open to your questions and topic ideas. Please send questions to applesarahgate@yahoo.com

Sarah Applegate ~ Lives in New York. She loves acting and musical theatre. Sarah has performed in several plays both through her school and Syracuse Children's Theater. She is has been taking dance since she was four years old. Sarah's favorite subject in school is Global Studies.

Her mom's job is communicating with Spirits and teaching people about Spirituality and Healing. So Sarah has grown up with all of that as a normal part of her life. She learned energy healing when she was two years old and in her house it has always been natural to see and hear Spirits. Throughout Sarah's life she has also met many people with various religious and belief systems. The Spirit world and Energy is such a part of Sarah's life she doesn't even think twice about it.
Sarah's intention for Generation "Now" Radio is to help other teens see how natural all these things are.

Andy Belle ~ Lives in Colorado. She loves to sing and perform, using her talents in many plays and performances. She enjoys riding her bike in the mountains, and is learning about spiritual healing from her mother and at Journeys For Conscious Living in Arvada, Colorado.

Andy has been on Honor Roll all of her life, her favorite subjects are Musical Theatre, Language Arts, and Science. Her favorite pastimes are Cooking, Painting, Writing, spending time with Friends, and making new friends.

Andy is involved very deeply with Humanity’s Team, a nonprofit organization, whose goal is to change the world in one generation through Oneness. She has been involved with Humanity’s Team for the past 4 years, and is helping to organize Youth programs.

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