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Show Hosts & Archives



Joe Marshalla

"A Cup of Joe"

with host: Dr. Joe Marshalla

A Cup of Joe is a stream of consciousness talk-radio show. It covers topics on everything under the sun. From quantum physics to vegetarian recipes, modern spirituality to alternative energies, parenting to heavy metal detoxification, you name it, we'll probably talk about it ...


Returning Soon...




Rodney Gene Jr.

"An Invitation to Heal"

with host: Rodney Gene, Jr.

This show is a fantastic exploration into the Truth about Healing and Healing with the Truth. Join Rodney along with other world-class healers as they offer clarity and truth around multiple modalities of healing. Together, they will cover practical, holistic, spiritual, modern and ancient healing mysteries and techniques with an emphasis .... >>>more

Live - Wednesday's 3 - 3:30 pm CST


Nick Symington

"Astrologically Speaking"

With host: Nick Symington

Astrologically Speaking is a call-in show about all things astrological. We may touch on any aspect of life from the personal to the mundane and beyond – the sky is the limit. Although topics for discussion can be wide ranging, the format encourages you, the listener, to call in with your birth data – a birth date is sufficient – and Nick will provide an astrological perspective ... >>>more

Live - Tuesday 10 - 11 am CST


Maxine Taylor

"Astrology and Beyond"

With host: Maxine Taylor

Maxine Taylor is a pioneer in the field of astrology. She began her astrological studies in 1966. In 1968, she became Georgia’s first licensed astrologer. In 1969, she had a bill introduced into the Georgia General Assembly to legalize astrology in Atlanta. In 1970, the bill passed, and was signed into law ... >>>more

Live - Monday 9:30 - 10 am CST


Melissa Wells

"Awakening to a New Paradigm"

with host: Melissa Wells

Spiral Journey evolved from the personal journeys of awakening to True Consciousness of its partners, Melissa Wells and Kay Orrell. It is from this place of joyful living that we answer the call to share what has worked for us with everyone who is ready to remember who they truly are....>>>more

Live - Thursday's 1 - 2 pm CST


Robert Pease

"Create Your Life by Design"

with host: Dr. Robert Pease

We now live in a world where we are collectivity becoming aware that consciousness is reality, and realizing the potential we each possess to create in our sacred place. No longer content with the dream state of which we called our lives, many are awakening to a new sense of awareness ...>>>more

Live - Wednesday's 11 - 12 noon CST


Emily Horak

"Hello!Self Happy Hour"

with host: Emily Horak

Discover, design and live your very best life! Emily Horak, a real girl livin’ the good life from the inside out, and life coach for positive living, infuses laughter, spirit and fabulous-life-living savvy in this weekly show for positive, inspired living...>>>more

Live - Friday's 2:30 - 3:00 pm CST



Cathy Ingham

"It's Easy Being Green"

With host: Cathy Ingham

Cathy Ingham is a landscape architect, massage therapist, certified permaculture practitioner, entrepreneur, and a voice for the new earth. During her career as a landscape architect, she has worked on projects ranging from large planned development communities to tiny courtyard gardens, including working for 2 cities in the Dallas area. In 1995,...>>>more

Live - Thursday 2 - 2:30 pm CST


Leigh Kubin

"Leave the Chi to Leigh"

with host: Leigh Kubin

Leigh's approach to Feng Shui is simple, practical and very powerful. She believes that we create with our environment and that what we see everyday is what we create. When we set our environment up to create happiness, health, and wealth; that is what we see. Leigh teaches to focus ...>>>more

Live - Wednesday's 12 - 1 pm CST


Mary Adams

"Let the Day Begin"

with host: Mary Adams

To learn, laugh and grow together as we meet fascinating guests, create new perspectives and co-create our lives as a global community. Let's create the lives that we desire! >>>more

Live - Monday's 10 - 11 am CST


Len Ellis

"Peace Begins with ME!"

with host: Len Ellis

Len (Leonard) Ellis has been a member of the Dallas Peace Center for nine years and a board member since 2003. He has served as Secretary, Vice-president, co-chair of the Peacemaker Awards Dinner for three years, and is currently President.   He writes a monthly column in the Dallas Peace Times titled "Peace Begins With Me." >>>more

Live - 2nd Friday's 2 - 2:30 pm CST


DuAnne Redus

BZ Riger../hosts/readingwaters/host_bio.htm

"Reading the Waters of Change"

with hosts: DuAnne Redus & BZ Riger

Reading the Waters of Change
"navigating Life & Work through Spirit"

Change is a constant- Yet it seems to be a cultural condition to be afraid of or resistant to change. We think that Change is something that "Happens" to us... We forget that we can choose and then be the change that we want.

Reading the Waters of Change is a weekly radio show that focuses on a different idea each week; that affects our lives, >>>more


Heather Ash Amara

"The Pixie Solution"

With host: Heather Ash Amara

Tips on Relationships, Sex, Death, and How to Keep the House Clean

The Pixie Solution is a half-hour nugget of wisdom with host Heather Ash Amara, a.k.a. Pixie Darlin'. Heather Ash studied and taught extensively with don Miguel Ruiz, author of The Four Agreements, and is the co-founder of the Toltec Center of Creative Intent in Wimberley, TX. She is the author of The Four Elements of Change, >>>more

Live - Tuesday's 1 - 1:30 pm CST


Don Miguel Ruiz Jr.

"The Way of the Desert"

with host: Don Miguel Ruiz Jr.

As a child, Don Miguel Ruiz, Jr., listened to the stories of his father, who passed on the ancient beliefs of his family through tales his young son could understand. As Miguel Jr. grew older he learned to listen to more than just the words of the story, but to search beyond the superstition to find truth and meaning. >>>more

Live - Wednesday 2 - 3 pm CST


Ken Ludwig

"What We're Thinking About"

with host: Ken Ludwig

Join Ken for the most inspiring interviews and commentary on internet radio. This Metaphysical practitioner, coach, trainer and teacher brings you great guests from the world of New Thought - Ancient Wisdom, self actualization, business and some of the most recognized names in the success >>>more

Live - Tue & Thrs 11 - 1 pm CST



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