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David Wilcock


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"Move into the Magic" with Maxine Taylor

"Create Your Life by Design" with Robert Pease

April 18, 2010:  listen (left click)download (right click)


I've been a public figure for 10 years now, have written many free articles and books on my Divine Cosmos site, appeared on all the major radio programs in my field numerous times, and speak internationally on UFOs, metaphysics and the bridging of Science and Spirit. For seven years, between 1998-2005, I worked as a professional intuitive counselor and performed 500 deep-trance readings with 99.9% favorable responses.

I'm also a musician, composer and filmmaker, and have an intriguing facial / astrological / character similarity to Edgar Cayce, a popular psychic from the early 20th century. That is obviously the subject of my bestselling co-authored book "The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce?," available in bookstores all around the country.

I'm now executive-producing a Hollywood film called CONVERGENCE that is the summation of my life's work realized in a fictional mystery-thriller narrative. We blend elements of a film like Da Vinci Code with the breakthrough scientific data I've put together proving that consciousness is an energy field, and cultivating positivity in our own lives has an energetic effect upon everyone else, increasing levels of peace and harmony worldwide.




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