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Marianne Weidlein
Marianne Weidlein


Show Archive

"Exploring Possibilities " with Leigh Kubin

August 6, 2010: listen (left click)download (right click)

"What We're Thinking About" with Ken Ludwig

September 9, 2010:  listen (left click)download (right click)


Marianne Weidlein, BSBA, author, transformational facilitator, and evolutionary guide, combines her 45 year background in human potential development, spirituality and self-employment to help groups and individuals achieve success. In 26 years of self-employment, she has developed expertise in self-mastery, peak performance, leadership, intentional manifestation, and self-employment. She has facilitated innumerable programs of varying sizes and formats to thousands of individuals and partnerships, using her curriculum and techniques.

By phone she guides women to become intentional authors of their unique destinies. She facilitates them to identify their sabotaging patterns, determine the most positive alternatives to replace them with, and supports them to follow through.

She authored Empowering Vision For Dreamers, Visionaries & Other Entrepreneurs - now an online business course manual for the self-employed; warm liquid life, and The Passage to Freedom manuscript, which is based on her mentoring program.

Marianne Weidlein Transformational Facilitation

With expertise in self-mastery and peak performance, Marianne facilitates Renewal programs for women in mentorship, leadership, and key decision-making roles. She believes that the heart and its wisdom must come alive... the heart of each of us in caring for ourselves, in caring for each other, in caring for all life. An awakened heart inspires wisdom, and all is cultivated and well-tended. Women tend the heart. We are the nurturers and protectors of life. Clearly, it is time for us to assist humanity into a thriving future.

She begins by helping you to determine your patterns, their cause, and the problems they create. This is essential, because something created these limiting patterns and the complications they bring about. Without exception, my clients find the cause to be a negative perception or belief. The most common negative perception is “not-good-enough”. When a negative perception is triggered, it becomes like a muscle that suddenly spasms. Your attention and energy are immediately diverted to dealing with the resulting problems and consequences. During your sessions, we don’t try to figure out how to resolve the problems; we identify your negative perception, and how to transform it to its positive alternative.

Eliminate the negative perception, and the related problems disappear. Rather than negatively react and cope with the consequences, your previously “cramped” energy is freed up to create the life you want. This cultivates your magnificence and profoundly changes your persepctive, the quality of your performance, relationships, and life.




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