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Stewart St. John
Stewart St. John


Show Archive

"Exploring Possibilities " with Leigh Kubin

June 11, 2010: listen (left click)download (right click)


Stewart St. John is a life-long intuitive who hears energy as sound and music, and translates that into audible recordings that inspire and uplift the human spirit. He is also an author, award-winning writer-director, and motivational speaker inspired and guided by the Universe. His newest CD Global Symphony: Soul Sounds From Around The World is available for pre-order now at his web site www.stewartstjohnlight.com, and his first book Your Future Book will be coming out in September, 2010. He speaks every Sunday on his radio show Source Frequency about connecting you to joy.

Stewart's first awareness of the magical world around us began in childhood after he saw an angel energy at the foot of his bed, followed by an out of body experience. He has been hearing the sound of people, animals, trees, flowers and everything in between since he can remember.

Stewart does something called "Soul Sound Readings" for people around the world, where he connects to them -- through their picture -- and hears their Soul energy, then translates that into an MP3 and word equivalent. He's done this for people living and those who have transitioned. Testimonials from people who are experiencing this work can be found on his web site at http://www.stewartstjohnlight.com

He releases healing tones channeled from Source, as well as other muical pieces meant to connect people to joy and abundance.

His professional career has been expansive, working as an award-winning writer, director and producer in Hollywood. He's also worked extensively with Esther and Jerry Hicks on scoring the Sara books, as well as adapting the books into a movie musical for him to direct. Stewart and his producing partner Todd Fisher also produced the THEO videos for Sheila and Marcus Gillette.

Hollywood success:

Stewart wrote and produced the Disney Channel family feature film Seventeen Again, worked with Emily and Melissa Joan Hart on the Sabrina: The Animated Series; had his Incredible Hulk episode picked by legendary comic book creator Stan Lee as one of his favorites and released on DVD; was mentored by legendary animation genius Jospeph Barbera while under contract, and helped develop and write over 50 episodes of the phenomenally successful Fox Kids television series Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

Stewart created the first cell phone soap opera for SPRINT Vision-enabled phones, and created the first 1/2 hour online soap series that was also syndicated in Japan.

He has recently re-written and voice directed seven feature films for the Weinstein Company, including King of the Hill recorded at NBC Universal, and the animated musical The Great Music Caper starring Cheech Marin, Bow Wow and Jo Jo.

Stewart is an active member of the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, and his career includes winning a Philharmonic Award at the age of 15, a Humanitas Prize for animation writing, penning over 60 episodes of hit television series for children including Sabrina: The Animated Series and The Incredible Hulk, a Young Artists nomination for his Disney Channel movie Seventeen Again, and 5 nominations and 3 wins for his sci-fi directorial debut.

Spiritual Work:

Stewart has been studying spiritual principles most of his life, and recently scored NY Times best-selling authors Jerry & Esther Hicks’ children’s audio book series – Sara Book 1, Sara Book 2 and Sara Book 3 – released by publishing company Hay House, and available at all major book stores including Barnes & Noble and Borders.

Stewart has no musical training, and allows himself to be guided by Spirit as he sits down at the keyboard and plays what he hears in his head.

Stewart’s debut album of inspirational, soul-touching music, called Cloudwalking, is now available for purchase at www.stewartstjohnlight.com His second album called Global Symphony: Soul Sounds From Around The World is coming this summer and available for pre-order on Stewart's site.

You can also download additional music by clicking on the Meditation Music tab.

"Your Future Book" is also due out in September from Stewart, and he shares how to create the future that you want through the thoughts that you think.




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