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Anna Mather
Anna Mather


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"It's Easy Being Green" with Cathy Ingham

August 06, 2009  listen (left click)download (right click)


Anna Mather grew up with a mother who's motto was, "why buy it if you can make it". Now she is a mother who is passing on the same idea to her daughter, and spreading the word that clothes can be made into what you want them to be. Having sewn since she was a little girl with a unique sense of style it was only natural that she would redesign her clothing into what she wanted to wear.

It's time to take a new look at clothes, clothing, styles, what it means to have new clothes, and what exactly is new, remade, or redesigned. Clothing is made for the masses, but the masses is not you. . .each person is unique and has their own sense of style and preference about how clothes ought to feel. Clothes have also been produced again and again and have ultimately become a mass. Once upon a time it was valuable to even own a couple changes of clothes, but now we have wardrobes full of clothes that are barely worn. Straight up, we've got enough clothes. So, how to we wear them when we don't really like them? Or they don't fit right? Or they have lost their flavor?

How about Adapting them? Maybe it's a simple cut and sew, or maybe it's a complete makeover. . .use the fabric to make something else entirely. Those old favorite jeans with the holes? the sweaters? Patching can be fun and creative, beyond practical. . .all of a sudden you have new pants, or a sweater. . .and they have style! Anything is possible with clothes. . .fun, creativity and practicality all in one.

Adaptations by Anna has grown out of these thoughts. . .from my wardrobe to yours. . . .sewing changes on you by taking old and making new.




goddessera@gmail.com     207-255-9009


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