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Dennis Merritt Jones, DD
Dennis Merritt Jones


Past Show Archive

"What We're Thinking About" with Ken Ludwig

September 29, 2009:  listen (left click)download (right click)


Throughout his lifetime, Dennis Merritt Jones has been on a quest to inspire and lift people to a higher expression of life. His personal vision is to guide people to their purpose, knowing that when a person is fully awakened to who they authentically are and why they are on the planet, they begin to naturally share their gift with humankind and, in the process, create an enriching life for themselves and the world around them. Dennis believes each one of us has the capacity and, ultimately, the responsibility to contribute something positive to this world, leaving it a better place than it was when we arrived. His teachings promote a contemporary, life-affirming, spiritually logical and positive outlook on life, which are reflected in his writings. He says, "A positive thinker grounded in their spirituality is the most powerful person on the face of the planet."

Dennis founded the OneSpirit Center for Conscious Living in Simi Valley, CA, in 1985. While the Spiritual Director of OneSpirit and as part of his outreach to assist people in living a more balanced life and rewarding life, he created a TV program entitled "One Power" which was cablecast in the Los Angeles area. Subsequently, he later hosted "Wisdom Teachers", an internet program where he interviewed contemporary and spiritual luminaries such as Barbara Marx Hubbard, Jonathon Young, Barbara Fields, Lissa Coffey, Mary Manin Morrissey, Walter Starke, Terry Cole-Whittaker, Kusala Bhikshu, John Astin, Mark Vicente, producer of "What The Bleep Do We Know", and many others.

Dennis holds a Doctorate of Divinity and a Doctorate of Religious Science, as well as a Bachelors Degree in music. He has written curriculum for the Religious Science International (RSI) Board of Education, served as the chairperson of the Marketing Committee, authoring various materials used in New Thought spiritual communities around the world. He also served as RSI First Vice President, Chairperson for Creative Thought magazine, in addition to serving on the Ministerial Placement Committee and the RSI Global Outreach Committee. He currently serves on the Advisory Council for the Association for Global New Thought.

Dennis is a universal speaker who is equally comfortable speaking to an audience seeking spiritual inspiration or to those seeking a purely secular motivational message that moves people toward specific goals and fulfillment of their desires. He has a deep understanding of universal principles and draws on wisdom from both eastern and western philosophies. Dennis believes that there is a new consciousness of unity, cooperation and reverence rising in humankind where the value of all life is sacred. He believes this consciousness of unity, cooperation and reverence for all life will be one of the most significant spiritual influences upon society, helping to ground a realistic, spiritually mature approach to the challenges of 21st century living.

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