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Ed Harrold
Ed Harrold


Show Archive

"A Conscious Life" with Dr. Jennifer Howard

August 10, 2011:  listen (left click),  download (right click)


Yoga is becoming a tool for emotional healing in conjunction with psychotherapy. Why? As our sense organs receive information from all of our life experiences, an impression of the experience embeds itself in the nervous system of the body. The combination of slow yoga movement, breathing and meditation allow the client to relax, become present and unite with the authentic self. This state of being empowers us to view the impression as a “witness” rather than a “judge’ and release any emotional attachment (pain/pleasure, like/dislike, sweet/sour) to the memory.

Ed is a Life & Wellness Coach on the human potential, yogic sciences and emotional intelligence. Using the yogic sciences, Ed leads educational workshops, personal/executive wellness coaching and professional trainings in corporate, healthcare and athletic/fitness environments.






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