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Marilyn Harper


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"Move into the Magic" with Maxine Taylor

September 26, 2011:  listen (left click),  download (right click)

October 3, 2011:  listen (left click),  download (right click)


People often ask me how I came to be a channel and realize my spiritual gifts. In 1993, following a major life transformation, I began to notice that I had “certain” gifts. After about three years, in 1996, I began my spiritual practice of daily meditation, automatic writing, and weekly energy sessions to heal myself from my past experiences.

After being trained and attuned in Reiki Level II, I noticed I was able to see or sense blockages in the physical and emotional body of others.

Once again, through my own healing practice, I was able to communicate with those individuals and assist them in releasing their blockage.

After becoming a Reiki Master, I realized ascended Masters, Archangels, Avatars from the Light (or Source energy) were contacting me to communicate with either myself or others. I understood this as truth due to my training in automatic writing which had taught me how our Oversoul or Guidance System works to communicate with each of us.
Enter Adironnda.

In 1999, I was involved in an automobile accident, but we all know there are no accidents, so it was a car wreck. Following the wreck, a friend came to stay with me, she realized I wasn’t as present as I should be. She helped me to set aside my own consciousness and spoke to my Higher Self, or who ever was present, operating in my system.

This was the first time Adironnda spoke through me. It was a surprise. At the time, I didn’t know that was possible.

Adironnda is a multi-dimensional being that works with a council (or company, team of Archangels, Teachers, Avatars, and guides) from Source energy. Adironnda is the “spokes-being” for the Council (or Company).

Adironnda and Company stated that they were sent to this planet from God (Source) because the beings here on Earth are “just not getting it, yet.” and “We” as well as you, are here to help with the shift.”

Meaning, in the past many people on Earth have not been shifting their consciousness to the love frequency. Instead “We” choose to help shift the consciousness of the planet to one of love. There are only two major emotions, love and fear, that connect us all throughout the planet and we choose love.
The Council.

Those on the Council have identified themselves as Archangels Michael, Gabriel and Raphael, Master Jesus, Lord Buddha, Mother Mary, Quan Yin, Isis, Osirius, Ra, Babaji, St. Germaine and more.

During a private session or group channeling there are more beings from the Light on the council because we also connect with your guidance system.

I’ve dedicated my life to helping spread the messages of the Council or Company to those here on planet Earth.

Chances are, since you’ve read this far… you too, are feeling a calling to a more “conscious” life. Be sure to check out our site. There are many ways we can work together towards helping the people on this planet “get it.”

Blessings in Love, Light and Laughter,

Marilyn Harper




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