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GW Hardin
GW Hardin


Show Archive

"Exploring Possibilities " with Leigh Kubin

June 10, 2010: listen (left click)download (right click)


GW Hardin, New York Times bestselling author, is committed to bringing important and provocative messages to public awareness. His works have been recognized by adults and children all over the world. He has authored or co-authored five nonfiction books describing the coming forth of a new kind of world , with such titles as THE MESSENGERS, THE DAYS OF WONDER, ON THE WINGS OF HEAVEN, THE MASTERS RETURN, and INDIGO RISING: Awakening the Powers of the Children of the New Earth.
The author has appeared on radio, television, and has been interviewed in magazines and newspapers across the nation. He has lectured at universities and given keynote addresses at conferences.
A graduate in mathematics at the University of Washington, Hardin started out as a computer scientist. Having encounters of his own with angelic messengers convinced him to turn his attention to writing and bringing these stories forward. www.gwhardin.com

THE EDEN FREQUENCY — Prophecy of the Coming Earth
Scientists have discovered “acoustic levitation” whereby certain frequencies can cause objects to levitate. Such knowledge existed during the building of the pyramids. Quantum physicists have discovered in their labs that certain frequencies cause DNA to mend. Both of these discoveries demonstrate the power of the Eden Frequency, being returned to us by sacred . G.W. Hardin will demonstrate what has led to the coming forth of this frequency and how it is prophesies the return of Mother Earth to a garden-planet, where humanity arises from its ashes as a phoenix of new creation.



website: www.gwhardin.com



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