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Dorothy Lee Donahue
Dorothy Lee Donahue


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"Let the Day Begin" with Mary Adams

September 07, 2009:  listen (left click)download (right click)



We all know the shift of the ages has already begun. Ancient prophecies predicted it. Indigenous traditions have honored it. Some religions fear it and call it the “Apocalypse” or “End of Times.” As 2012 rapidly approaches, what is the real truth? How should we prepare for it? What does the future really hold for us? And should we be excited or frightened by it?

Dorothy Lee Donahue is considered one of the foremost experts in the world today on the “shift of the ages.” She is sought out by people all over the globe as an actual “STAR GATE” for the cosmic consciousness that is entering planet earth now for the “shift”. Her work is unique. She is an anchor point for Spirit to enter into form and help people clear their own specific blocks and barriers that keep them from moving into their own light bodies. People call her a “cosmic accelerator” – she brings in 12th Dimensional light to help people clear whatever stands in their way of full light body activation, a necessary component of the shift. Her work also activates and accelerates one’s divine gifts and talents and awakens people to the truth of their magnificence by consciously reconnecting them with source and merging them with their higher selves. Dorothy assists her clients in becoming conscious co-creators of their lives instead of being victims of years of intergenerational programming. She shows people how to re-write their life’s plan so they can become all they came here to be and begin to do all they have come here to do, instead of living in a waiting game for it to occur in the future.

“The truth is that it is an exciting change and not one to be feared,” she says. The Mayan fifth world completed in 1987. The sixth world starts in 2012. What this means is that Planet Earth and the Solar System will come into galactic synchronization with the rest of the Universe. So we, as humans, are in between worlds, so to speak. It is the time when we as individuals and collectively as humans will “work through our stuff”. The Mayan sixth world is actually blank. This means it is up to us, as co-creators, to start creating the new world we want for our families, our planet and ourselves. In order to do that we have to clear illnesses from our physical bodies, things we haven’t yet let go of emotionally and are buried deep inside and things that are held deep in our belief systems that are spiritual misconceptions. We have to open up to the highest levels of light and truth and in order to do that we have to eliminate everything that isn’t at that level of light and truth from our physical bodies, emotional holdings, spiritual understanding, etc.

This has to be done on the world stage as well. So even though it may look frightening with wars, financial collapse, and natural catastrophes, it is actually the world going through “its stuff” so it can go through a re-structuring as well.

Dorothy Lee is speaking to groups around the world about the real nature of the most powerful shift in our history. She is also Executive Producer and Segment Host for the monthly LIFE CHANGES LA LIVE EVENTS and the LIFE CHANGES WITH FILIPPO internet radio show each Monday night at 7PM PST on BBS radio.

Dorothy Lee is an Energetic Alchemist and Certified Reiki Master instructor and assists her ENERGETIC ALCHEMY – BEYOND REIKI students in remembering that they are the true power in their world and assists them in reconnecting with SOURCE.

To learn more about Dorothy Lee, visit her websites:


website: www.energeticalchemy.com   www.dorothydonahue.com

818 997 0094


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