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Victor Crowl
Victor Crowl


Show Archive

"Create Your Life by Design" with Robert Pease

March 3, 2010:  listen (left click)download (right click)


Victor Crowl - is a Jamaican born, Toronto raised choreographer, entrepreneur, filmmaker, mentor, motivational speaker, music producer, singer-songwriter, and writer.  He created Smile Music & Film Productions Ltd as a promotional and production conduit for himself and many emerging artists. Over the last twenty years, Victor has cultivated a creative environment for developing his film, music, and writing projects. His music has been synchronized to television and films which have been viewed by millions and continue to be aired in syndication throughout the world.

In 2008, Victor toured Ethiopia, Jamaica and the US, where he shot several music videos and his forthcoming documentary of his journey called "Inspiration".  In 2009, he started working on his forthcoming sixth album, also titled "Inspiration".  This album features some of Canada's best musicians and will highlight Victor's unique voice and many musical styles.   

Victor Crowl's Discography: "Let's Not Stand By" (1985 - A single for African famine relief & the city of North York Food Bank with Jason Wilson & Friends), "Can't Stay Away" (1989), "The Healing" (1996), "Freedom Odyssey" (2006), "Freedom Odyssey" (Special Edition)(2007), "Transform A Dream" (2008) and "Inspiration" (Spring 2010). 

Victor Crowl's Filmography: A seven year collaborative effort with Toronto filmmaker Doug Patterson saw Victor direct and co-produce six independent features and one sitcom pilot: "Spies, Cops, and Rabbits" (1996), "The Serial Monogamist" (1997), "The Coming of Age" (1997), "MacBeth: The Good Parts Version" (1998)", "Oligopoly" (1999), "Annihilation Without Representation" ("AWR") (2000) and "Underachievers" (2003). Victor's other film include, the feature documentary "What It Takes" (2006), the dramatic feature musical film "Many Seasons" (2006), "You Can Fly" (2009 Co-produced & directed by David Stevenson), "Inspiration" A feature musical documentary (2010) and the dramatic feature trilogy of films, based on his books "In The Absence Of Our Fathers"; Part #1 "Dragon Slayer" (2011), Part #2 "Can't Escape the Cravings" (2011) & Part #3 "Father Dies A Web Of Lies" (2012)

Summer 2009, Harmonizing with Humanity released the album "The Life That Has Chosen Me" to raise funds for Autism awareness.  Through a North American-wide call for song submissions, Victor's collaboration with Michael Moon saw the inclusion the only Canadians on this worldwide release, for their song "Trying to Get Through to You", featuring Faith Rivera.
At present, Victor is completing his new 6th CD, "Inspiration".  A series of feature documentaries profiling various inspirational figures and socially conscious issues, titled "Inspirations". Filmed in Canada, America, Jamaica, Ethiopia & Costa Rico. "Inspirations": Volume 1, "Three Years After Katrina: The Munson Fletcher Story", shot in New Orleans.  Volume 2, "Queen of Oromo", featuring Saliha Sami, shot in Ethiopia.  Vol 3. "Jane & Finch Speaking Up", shot in Toronto's troubled corridor.  Vol. 4, "Blind Vision" featuring the captivating motivational speaker Danish Ahmed, on a mission of love to help heal the world. Vol. 5, "i1 Mark-Costa Rico"

Victor's writing include the novella, "The Kitarraps" (2006), based on the trilogy of novels. 2010 will see the release of the first novel in the fantasy epic Kitarraps trilogy, "The Prophecy of Landon." & the trilogy of novels based on his life call "In The Absence Of Our Fathers"; Book #1 "Dragon Slayer" (2011), Book #2 "Can't Escape the Cravings" (2011) & Book #3 "Father Dies A Web Of Lies" (2012)





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