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Andy Birnbaum
Andy Birnbaum


Show Archive

"Peace Begins with ME! with Len Ellis

June 11, 2010:  listen (left click),  download (right click)


Andy Birnbaum became interested in peace work after reading books by Nonviolent Communication pioneer Marshall Rosenberg and Buddhist nun Pema Chodron. Andy's first formal training in active nonviolence was in 2009, when he attended a Creating a Culture of Peace course taught by Janet Chisholm, and co-sponsored by the Los Angeles chapter of Veterans for Peace. Andy has since "audited" Prof. Michael Nagler's Introduction to Nonviolence course (at UC-Berkeley) by viewing each of the classes online. He currently attends monthly trainings conducted by civil rights leader Rev. James Lawson.

In 2008, Andy married Ron, his partner of 13 years. They coordinate a human rights speakers bureau dedicated to increasing tolerance and understanding for the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (lgbt) community. Andy also serves as a public speaker on lgbt issues and has significant experience speaking to high school and college students. He also trains other prospective speakers.

Andy previously worked as an attorney, representing labor unions and low income workers. He and Ron now manage film and television writers and develop socially relevant entertainment projects. Andy's opinion pieces have been published at Truthout.org, Commondreams.org, and on his shared blog - shenluk.blogspot.com.




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