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Adam Apollo
Adam Apollo


Show Archive

"Exploring Possibilities " with Leigh Kubin

June 3, 2010: listen (left click)download (right click)


Adam Apollo is a Galactic Ambassador and Earth Emissary. Laying an early foundation for his life-purpose, Adam's Graduate presentations in High-school focused on bridging science and spirituality through the integration of advanced Physics, including Loop Quantum Gravity, String Theory, Quantum Mechanics, and Relativity.  During his studies at the University of North Carolina, Adam furthered his integrative research into Astrophysics, Philosophy, Cultural Anthropology, and Psychology.  He has held council with Indigenous Elders from around the world in private fire ceremonies, helped to organize two prayer runs for world peace across the North American Continent, and has smoked the White Buffalo Peace Pipe passed down 19 Generations from the White Buffalo Calf Woman.

Apollo regularly leads advanced self-development workshops appropriately coined “Jedi Training Intensives,” guiding others in metaphysical and martial arts from past-life regressions to high magic, tai chi to astral travel.  In 2005, Adam physically encountered a Galactic Ambassador, met Ambassadors from 73 Species of the Galactic Council, as well as recovered memories from several lifetimes before his journey to Earth.  Since then, he has been speaking and teaching internationally on subjects of planetary transformation, implementing extraterrestrial technologies, and the physical and spiritual transitions humanity faces at this time. www.adamapollo.info

Galactic Earth: Steps to a Peaceful Interplanetary Society
In this exploratory session, Adam Apollo discusses the transformations occurring for humanity on Spiritual, Sociological, and Technological levels that light the way towards a peaceful and sustainable planet.  Integrating perspectives on the history of human societies with the revolutionary impact of contact with interplanetary extraterrestrial cultures, as well as covering the major advances in current physics and technology, this lecture will offer a clear window facing the potential future of life on planet Earth and beyond.




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