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Amilya Antonetti


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"What We're Thinking About" with Ken Ludwig

July 28, 2009:  listen (left click)download (right click)


Resolution, Passion, Commitment

Amilya Antonetti spent the first years of her son’s life in hospital emergency rooms. Doctors offered her short-term remedies for her newborn’s frightening breathing difficulties, severe rashes and heart breaking tantrums but no one seemed to be able to tell her why he was continually ill. Without answers or compassion there was a moment when a doctor even advised her to “let him go.” Unwilling to give up, Amilya decided to take it upon herself to find out what was making David so violently sick.

Amilya quit her successful executive career and committed herself to her son. Soon she pieced the complex puzzle together and discovered it was the ingredients in common household products that were slowly killing him as she unsuspectingly cleaned her home. She immediately began researching natural products, and with the help of her grandmother discovered a recipe to make pure cleaning products right on her own stove. Her kitchen was her lab and neighbors, friends and family become her test market.

Amilya knew to make real changes in the health of our children, our families and comunity she would need to change a long standing industry and get her natural soap line selling side by side leading products in main stream supermarkets to allow consumers to make a safer choice. Experts, the industry, family and friends all said it could never be done. A decade later, not only did she move her natural products into the major grocery chains across the USA and Canada, she helped redefine the cleaning aisle and usher in the “human and earth friendly” movement which consumers embrace in waves today.

Amilya has received numerous entrepreneurial awards and been lauded by her peers. Her story of Amilya’s Soapworks has appeared in books, newspapers, magazines such as Chicken Soup for the Entrepreneurial Soul, People, Working Mother, First for Woman, Smart Money, Inc. and Time. She has been featured on Oprah, CBS This Morning, Extra, and countless international radio and television shows. Amilya was a favorite guest of “The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch” and her “Smart Choice Mom” lifestyle and organization tips can be read in Parent and Child and Family Circle Magazines.

Her first book, Why David Hated Tuesdays has continued to make her a much sought after guest and public speaker. Amilya has addressed audiences along side the greatest speakers of our generation, including Tony Robbins, Zig Zigler, Oliver North, Katie Couric and Hillary Clinton.

With the sale of Soapworks she has moved on to the helm of AMA Productions, Inc and Amilya.com which delivers real world information, products and services to help 21st century consumers make smarter, healthier lifestyle choices. And together with three other of the country’s top entrepreneurs she has co-founded “The Lucky Napkin” a venture catalyst firm dedicated to helping others birth their great ideas and change the landscape of the market.

Amilya is living her life doing what she loves: speaking, writing and illuminating the pathway for others. But as busy as she is Amilya never forgets her first job, which is a mother of a now 15-year-old son David and her 2-1/2 year old daughter. They remain and will always be her purpose in life as well as her first passion.



website: www.amilya.com

Twitter: @Amilya      Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/amilya


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