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Gratitube Videos

Don Miguel Ruiz - Help Me Change the World

Dr. Wayne Dyer & Dr. Bruce Lipton

Abraham on The Stream - Esther & Jerry Hicks

Napoleon Hill - What the mind can conceive, believe & achieve

Rev. Michael Beckwith - Serving the Emerging Paradigm

Dr. Wayne Dyer - When you change the way you look...

Louise L. Hay - Loving Yourself

Deepak Chopra - The Wonder of You

The Secret of Success - Demartini on Achieving Goals

Alan Watts - Zen, Life, Music, Prickles, and Goo

Dr. Bruce Lipton - The New Biology

Reality's a Dream

Bill Hick's - It's Just a Ride

Dr. Joe Vitale - The Missing Secret

Greg Bradon - The Spontaneous Healing of Belief

Ester Hicks channeling Abraham

Richard Alpert (Ram Dass) - Awareness

Inspiration - Success - Gratitude

11 Useful tips for how to use The Secret


Storey Waters - 700 Words




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