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Dr Joe Marshalla

The Conversation



Archived Shows

Repeatlessness An Owners Manual for the Human Mind


Special Guest: Arttemis Keszainn   www.mydivineradiance.com

Sponsored by: http://www.spiritualstickers.com -- www.casadeluz.org

A discussion on dissolving our perceived walls of separateness - Blue Gold, a documentary on world water concerns - Blue Gold the book - Water Wars the book - The four transnational corporations that own most of the water on the planet – Brief history on fluoridation – The five best and worst water municipalities – A discussion about the Hydrological cycle – The group “Trees for the future” – The relationship between water and life – All water is liquid God – The importance of Hexagonal water – Vortexing water – The New Earth Center – Lamuria Living Water Systems – 2nd Hour – Synchronicity – The Sparkling Intersections – A taste for mystery – How we lost touch with our intuition and synchronistic lives – How to reconnect with both – What role creativity plays in our life.


Special Guest: Giselle Koy   www.gisellekoy.com

Sponsored by: http://www.spiritualstickers.com -- www.casadeluz.org

Defining the “New Conversation” – The Human Relay Station – The Mass Awakening – The 60’s then and now – Our conscious evolution brought down to earth in lay terms – Worrying is praying for what you don’t want and… - What we can do during our shift at this time – Eliminating your opponent - Who is them? – Fear defined – Love defined –Joy defined – The architecture of duality – Dimensional sliding – One’s Vibrational Diet – The truth about drugs and consciousness – Why DMT occurs in our body – Grounding technologies – The different types of praying – The only two affirmations that are needed – Some sobering facts about big stuff … really good facts – Monitoring our thoughts – Creativity/Spontaneity/Intuition – Sparkling Intersections – Where all knowledge is retained – Books as crystal channels – A Live “Circle of Intention” meditation.


Joe's Holiday Special

Special Guest: Tim Miller

Sponsored by: http://www.spiritualstickers.com

Joe interviews noted actor and scholar Timothy Patrick Miller as they discuss Mr. Millers theatrical adaptations of three of Charles Dickens Christmas writings. The pieces are then performed by Mr. Miller from his CD "The Man Who Created Christmas."

A wonderful show filled with interesting anecdotes and tales about the history of Christmas and Charles Dickens.

Guest:Timothy Patrick Miller

WEBSITE : http://www.americanlistenerstheatre.com


Sponsored by: http://www.spiritualstickers.com -- www.casadeluz.org

The truth about 2012 and the total body, mind and spirit integration. Making peace with the current socio-economic, political and spiritual influences controlling our world, elevating above the negativity, the ugas, the vision and more. A very spirited conversation for all sides of the equation.


Special Guest: Wayo - Stewart of Casa De Luz: www.casadeluz.org

Sponsored by: http://www.spiritualstickers.com

Joe comes back with his inaugural show "The Conversation" live at Casa De Luz in Austin TX.

Casa De Luz - Macrobiotic Diet - Vegetarianism - Finding the Balance - Creating a village - Sustainable living -The China Study - Joe Sings Live.

Guest: Dr. Harold Bloomfield leads the Weekly Peace Meditation

WEBSITE : http://www.casadeluz.org

EMAIL : http://www.casadeluz.org/casa/contact



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